Fashionable Dresses

KT Pebbles in Spartanburg, SC knows that dresses are not just about fashion anymore. They are now about comfort, easy care, and expressing yourself. Wear a dress with dainty floral prints, bold abstract designs, or solid ruffle trim tunics. Dress the part, and feel confident and beautiful all day.

Find the style that fits your personality with help from our team. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff members who are always ready to assist you.

What Is a Missy Junior Cut?

Missy cuts are intended for the average size body type. They fit looser and more forgiving. They are often longer to offer coverage for a sleek flattering profile. Sized S-M-L-XL. Junior cuts are for small framed women and teens. They offer cutting edge fashion in all the new colors and styles. Sized XS-S-M-L.


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